My Story, How I Got Mixed up with Vehicle Stars and Vehicle Scam Prevention

I listed my mother in laws truck on to sell. I immediately started getting phone calls from .

Vehicle Stars FraudThe smooth talking salesman from Vehicle Stars talked me into signing up saying that it was, “fully refundable” and, “he already had 3 people looking for a truck like that”. After they got my credit card data I looked them up on the net.

I found out Vehicle Stars has an F rating on the Better Business Bureau’s web site. I wish I would have looked them up before I signed up.

I also found only negative reviews for Vehicle Stars on yelp.

I called Vehicle Stars right back and a salesman named Mike Shore, fed me some sob story about how the BBB is out to get you if you don’t pay their fees. When I tried to cancel he said I was locked into a contract and could not cancel.

I looked at Vehicle Stars website and found that it is very amateurishly made and does not even have good search engine ranking for terms you would type to find used . They copied and pasted my listing form Craigslist into their site, which would have taken less than 5 minutes.

I then carefully read Vehicle Stars fine print, which they don’t even have you look at before you sign up and I found that if I sell the car on my own before 6 weeks is up they keep the money. they also claim to have sold thousands of cars, which is a lie, if that where true I would have heard of them before, especially since they bought their domain name in Feb of 2011. If they managed that they would have been as famous as Facebook. But I doubt they have ever sold one car.

Additionally if you do not follow a list of strict, exact steps then you will not get a refund, and if they decide you listed the car for too much you don’t get a refund. So basically they will get your money no matter what.

Vehicle Stars have figured out how to legally people out of their money.

They have a mailing address in Florida, but are really located in Canada, so they can avoid many laws that way.

The frustration and loss of money from using the company was not enjoyable at all. I would recommend giving $500 to charity and running into a wall instead, it would be more fun than dealing with these people.

If anyone has worked for this company or knows who owns this company I would really like to know.